Poster campaign 2024: There is Christian potential in everyone

Starting May 2024, a new series of posters will be displayed in the showcases of many of our New Apostolic churches. They will also be shared online. This time, the Church was inspired by a trend to show that there is Christian potential in everyone.

You will find more about the creation of the current poster series in this background report.

The poster series of recent years:

  • 2022 -2024: “There’s a place for you here too”
  • 2021: “I do my part"
  • 2020: “Here I am”
  • 2019: “I am rich”
  • 2018: “I love Jesus…”
  • 2017: “I thank God”
  • 2016: “I manage to ... with Christ.”
  • 2015: “I rejoice because...”
  • 2014: “I am New Apostolic because my faith needs a home!”
  • 2013: Our divine services
  • 2012: Take God with you!
  • 2011: Bible quotes
  • 2010: What God does for me