Foto: M. Gehring

Many in support of all: what solidarity means to the New Apostolic Church

Foto: M. Gehring

Zurich. At the beginning of November 2020, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider celebrated a divine service in the congregation of Nürtingen, Germany. His sermon revolved around God’s love for mankind and the love that human beings are to show one another. In so doing he also commented on the idea of solidarity among the congregations.

The international Church leader also emphasised that it was part of the Chief Apostle’s task to ensure that the financial budget of the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) is used in such a way as to assist all the District Churches around the world that are in need. These are District Churches that are not yet able to fully support themselves and are therefore dependent on external funding from time to time. The New Apostolic Church International—an association established in accordance with Swiss law and headquartered in Zurich—has no revenues of its own, however. “What we have is what the District Churches give us, what the District Apostle districts make available to us,” explained the Church leader. He then went on to express his deep gratitude that so many brothers and sisters are willing to bring their offerings and thereby support other members who are in need.

Expressing thanks to all who give

“I would like to express my thanks to all those who give. I thank the various executive boards, the national assemblies, and all those who are involved. Let me keep it short: I am grateful to God and to every child of God. Thank you for this attitude of brotherly charity, which allows us to also help those who are in need.” Enough said about the sermon by the Church leader on 8 November in Nürtingen.

Financial equalisation

So how are funds transferred to the international Church office and back to the various District Churches? NACI is not a District Church with offering revenues of its own. Therefore, the support that NACI sends to District Churches in need comes from those District Churches that have higher offering revenues. This system of financial equalisation between the many District Churches has already been in existence for a long time. The solidarity within the global Church is so great that it has always been possible to support even those District Churches whose resources are very limited.

The decision as to which District Church is to be supported for which projects is made by the respective Chief Apostle, together with an advisory body known as the International Finance Committee. A District Church that needs additional funding submits a clearly defined project plan to NACI. In the autumn of each year, the Finance Committee and the Chief Apostle analyse the project list with his administrative staff, and either approve or amend it as needed. Using this application and approval process, along with a subsequent progress report, the Church maintains a high level of transparency, which ensures that the resources of the Church are administered and applied in trust.

Seven donor Churches

Today there are at least seven out of a total of fifteen District Apostle districts that make part of their income available to the international Church leadership, thereby showing the kind of solidarity that allows for such international financial equalisation.


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20 November 2020