Kinder heißen den Stammapostel willkommen

Chief Apostle Leber in Mombasa

Kinder heißen den Stammapostel willkommen

Mombasa/Zurich. The travel itinerary of the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, included a stop in the East African country of Kenya. Last Sunday he conducted the final divine service of his African trip in Mombasa, where he ordained a new Apostle and a new Bishop for the work of the New Apostolic Church in the large country.

Apostle John Mbiti from the eastern part of Kenya was also given a well-deserved retirement. He had served as a minister of the Church for 33 years, among them some 23 years as an Apostle. Under his astute leadership the work of the Church in Eastern Kenya had developed in blessed fashion, said the Chief Apostle as he retired the Apostle. The gap left by the retiring Apostle was immediately filled with the ordination of Jacob Nyamai (47): he will from now on serve as an Apostle in the eastern part of the country, together with Abednego Musyoki Samuel (36), who received the Bishop ministry.

The divine service took place in a large hall and was transmitted by satellite to many congregations throughout Kenya. Chief Apostle Leber based the divine service on a Bible text from John 9: 39 and emphasised in his sermon how important the eyes of faith, love, and hope really are.

Visit to Kongowea

On Friday, 17 February 2012 the visitors from Europe—which, in addition to the Chief Apostle, also included District Apostles Wilfried Klingler (Central Germany) and Jean-Luc Schneider (France)—visited the congregation in Kongowea. A little concert and numerous conversations with the attending members of the congregation served to fulfil the Church leader’s wish to get a feel for the culture and thinking of the people of Kenya.

Meeting with all Apostles and Bishops

Saturday began with an Apostle and Bishop Meeting, which was attended by all 38 Apostles and 29 Bishops of the District Apostle district of East Africa. The host, District Apostle Shadreck Lubasi, welcomed the Chief Apostle and his companions very warmly. The Church leader made reference to a Bible passage in Matthew 12: 35 and encouraged all the ministers in attendance to guard their ministries as they would a treasure.

That same Sunday evening the Chief Apostle boarded an airplane back to Europe.

22 February 2012