Ausschnitt aus dem Kondolenzbrief zum Tod des russisch-orthodoxen Patriarchen Alexej II.

New Apostolic Church Russia expresses condolences on the death of Patriarch Alexy II

Moscow. On behalf of all New Apostolic congregations in Russia, District Apostle Helper Victor Bezgans, president of the New Apostolic Church in Russia, wrote a letter of condolence to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. In it he expressed his sympathy over the death of the Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia: “Alexy II was an outstanding spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church.”

District Apostle Helper Bezgans paid special tribute to the work of the deceased church leader with regard to the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church both inside and outside of Russia. “The striving for oneness is fundamental to the Christian faith,” he wrote. The letter of condolence goes on to say that the earthly life of the Patriarch had been defined by his responsibility to God and future generations, and prayer for the fate of Russia and the world.

Alexy II died of a heart attack last Saturday, 6 December 2008 at the age of 79. He had been the spiritual leader of the Russian Orthodox Church since 1990.

12 December 2008