Letter of condolence on the death of Pope John Paul II.

Zurich. "His charisma not only won him the hearts of the youth, but also the affection of millions of believers from all nations around the earth." It was with these words that Chief Apostle Richard Fehr honoured Pope John Paul II., who passed away last Saturday.

In his letter of condolence to the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr expressed his sincere sympathy on the death of the Pope. He also voiced these sentiments on behalf of all New Apostolic Christians around the world. A direct quote from his letter states:

"Pope John Paul II. was a personality of faith esteemed throughout the world and beyond all confessional barriers. He dedicated his life entirely to the service of the gospel of Christ, and in so doing never shied from any effort required to fulfil the calling he had received."

You can read the chief apostle's letter of condolence here in PDF-format.


5 April 2005