"Our hearts are warm and sympathetic"

Hannover. "Our hearts are warm and sympathetic toward all the victims and survivors who have experienced such unspeakable suffering!" It was with these words that Chief Apostle Richard Fehr began his address on the flood catastrophe in Southern Asia.

The indescribable suffering of the many tens of thousands of people in the countries on the Indian Ocean likewise had an impact on the New Year's Day service in Hannover. The chief apostle spoke of it right from the start of the sermon: "I have received only the scantest news from the crisis region. Help will be engaged as soon as we know more details and once we have a clearer understanding of the local situation. Then we will stand by our brothers and sisters who have lost everything. We do this gladly, and in so doing we will not only think of our brethren in faith, but rather all who have come to harm. And where there is pain in the souls, and where many had to enter unprepared into eternity at a moment's notice, there our prayers will be of help."

In his address, Chief Apostle Fehr also mentioned that there are many more regions of catastrophe in the world. For example, he mentioned the 200,000 people that have lost their lives in Darfour through military conflicts, and the approximately three million people who have died on account of war, hunger, and displacement in the Congo. "Brothers, sisters, there is so much happening on this earth. Every day, thousands die of starvation, and thousands lose their lives in wars and conflicts!"

Donations for the suffering in Southern Asia can be made through NAK-Karitativ (www.nak.de/karitativ) or other aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church.

More details will follow.


4 January 2005