Position of the New Apostolic Church on sexual conduct

Zurich. Bearing in mind the various cultures in which the Church is active throughout the world, the church leadership adopts positions on certain issues of sexual conduct within and outside marriage. In this connection, the Church supports the social endeavours by society to confer especial protection on marriage and family.

At their meeting end of April, the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles from all over the world approved of a new position on certain questions of sexual conduct. Among other things, the statements refer to issues such as nonmarital cohabitation or homosexuality, topics that are much discussed and of special interest in modern society. It is the leadership's concern to inform what in the sight of the Church is not in compliance with the will of God. This shall help the Brothers and Sisters-in-faith to decide in self-responsibility before God and themselves.

It is planned to inform first the apostles and bishops, then the district and local ministries of the Church. At the beginning of next year, detailed articles will be published in the youth magazine "spirit" and on the internet.


2 June 2004