When Friday is Sunday

Zurich. When Friday is Sunday, it could only mean that you are in a country with a Muslim majority. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr conducted a festive divine service in Dubai, one of the 7 autonomous emirates that have joined together to form the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Around 95 percent of the population in these states on the Persian Gulf is Muslim (approx. 80 percent Sunni and 14 percent Shiite)—only 4 percent of the people profess the Christian faith. Nevertheless, it was the request of the chief apostle to hold a service for the few New Apostolic Christians who live there. His companions were District Apostle Noel Barnes (South Africa, Cape) and District Apostle Klaus Saur (Southern Germany), who is responsible for the work our church does in this part of the world (see www.nak.de/sued/text/p_5.html).

Some 360 New Apostolic brethren and guests took part in the service, which was based upon a passage from Romans 12:12: "Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer."

24 March 2004