Divine Service with Ordination in Sri Lanka

Zurich. The first big overseas trip of the new year led Chief Apostle Richard Fehr to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. In a festive divine service he retired Apostle Shridhar Sonpasare and ordained Bishop Egnati Lukas Jagtap as a new apostle for India.

Apostle Shridhar Ramji Sonpasare served 18 years in this ministry, and he was active for a total of 32 years as a minister of the New Apostolic Church in India. His working area encompassed more than 1,000 congregations with about 70,000 members! The chief apostle gave a good report of his activity on the occasion of his retirement: "This loyal servant of God has completely dedicated his life to serving the Lord, and has done marvellous work upon the souls in deep humility, the fear of God and an intimate connection with his blessing bearers."

The newly ordained Apostle Egnati Lukas Jagtap (40) will support District Apostle Leslie Latorcai from Canada in this part of the world. Today there are about 1 million brothers and sisters living in India, and the majority are cared for by District Apostle Latorcai and his brothers.

Five hundred twenty-six brothers and sisters were able to attend the service in Colombo. As a basis for this special Sunday the chief apostle used a passage from Ephesians 4:15: "but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head - Christ."

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21 January 2004