Reaching out – social media

Marketplace of opinions: reaching out to people in the twenty-first century also means being present on social media. To this end, the New Apostolic Church also uses the many possibilities available to reach out to its members and all interested parties.

Active on the big platforms

The New Apostolic Church International is currently active on the major platforms as a source of inspiration and a point of contact:

In addition, Local Churches and District Apostle Areas offer their own go-tos and meeting places.

Communicating with respect and dignity

Unfortunately, this new media world can sometimes be quite antisocial. The use of platforms and the contacts maintained can pose risks, including the violation of human dignity.

For this reason, the New Apostolic Church has published the Social Media Guideline. These are not new rules or old precepts, but the Guideline serves to provide guidance and recommendations for all media representatives in the Church.

This includes the following codex:

  • We respect our neighbour.
  • We are friendly.
  • We are honest and authentic.
  • We respect the intellectual property of others.
  • We act responsibly.
  • We protect the private sphere.
  • We keep politics and business separate from Church involvement.

What exactly is meant by this and how it can be implemented is explained in the Guideline, which can be downloaded here.