Pentecost 2007: European apostles meet in Hamburg

Zurich/Hamburg. At the end of May, the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, will visit the District Churches of Northern Germany for this year’s feast of Pentecost. Over 60 Apostles from within Europe and the countries served from Europe are expected to attend the celebration with him. The highlight will be the divine service in the Hamburg Congress Centre, which will be transmitted to 60 countries, such as South Africa, White Russia, the Baltic region, and the Nordic countries by satellite. The service will be transmitted to all continents.

A European Apostle Meeting is scheduled to take place over the days preceding Pentecost. The Apostles will discuss topics that are currently of relevance in the Church. On the Saturday before Pentecost, a concert has been scheduled in the Hamburg Congress Centre. The members of the large Hamburg orchestra and project choir have already been preparing for this special performance for quite some time. The many members of the mixed choir for the festive divine service are also practising diligently already. In addition, the children’s choir, the organists, and some individual soloists have also been preparing intensively for the occasion.

Numerous preparations, both large and small, are still underway. Here are just a few of them: writing invitations, designing, printing, and distributing entry tickets, managing public relations efforts, setting up a special website for ongoing reporting, ensuring the technical needs are met, booking hotel rooms, planning the transportation, and much more.

The multilingual Pentecost experience described in biblical times will also find its modern day echo in that the invited guests from around Europe will all be speaking their French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, or Spanish mother tongues.


Pentecost greeting on the internet

For this year’s Pentecost, Chief Apostle Dr. Wilhelm Leber has recorded a message of greeting on the internet. In it he talks about the significance of Pentecost, and what this celebration in the church calendar represents for New Apostolic Christians around the world. The Pentecost greeting can be viewed in both German and English at:


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21 May 2007