All there is to know about the doctrine

Written in faith for people of faith: the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church (CNAC) is the doctrinal reference book on the New Apostolic profession. It is the normative and most systematic description of the Church’s doctrine to date.

Doctrinal reference book

The Catechism contains the broad strokes of principal statements of the Old and New Testaments, common basic convictions of all Christians, and the specific features of the New Apostolic faith.

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church serves to deepen personal knowledge, provide a standard for faith life, and support dialogue with other denominations. After all, despite all differences of interpretation, the New Apostolic Church has great respect for other churches and their doctrinal statements.

Online and digital

The doctrinal reference book is not only available in print format, but also in many digital versions:

Questions and Answers

Beyond that, there is also a Catechism in Questions and Answers. This version of the Catechism reproduces the content in more concentrated form, with simpler formulations and fewer theological terms. Its division into 750 questions and answers allows for direct access to specific topics.

The Catechism in Questions and Answers exists in both printed and digital form:

  • on the internet at
  • in the nacfaq app for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android)
  • and in PDF format