Retirements and ordinations in Zambia

Lusaka. There were two retirements and two ordinations in the festive divine service on 9 July 2006 in Lusaka, Zambia. For Wilhelm Leber, the leader of the international Church, it was the first visit in his ministry as Chief Apostle to this African country below the equator.

Zacchaeus Mweetwa (65) had served for 19 years as an Apostle of the New Apostolic District Church of Zambia. He had already been New Apostolic since 1955. As a minister he travelled throughout Southern Zambia for some 37 years. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, who discharged him into a well-deserved retirement with emotional words, made reference to the fact that the number of New Apostolic Christians in the south of the country had tripled over this time. Today there are over 100,000 members in this region of Zambia alone.

Bishop Godfrey Kenya (65) was also retired. He and his entire family had become New Apostolic in 1962. In 1974 the later Bishop received his first ministry. Later he worked as a Bishop for 16 years, predominantly in the district of Kasama, which encompasses the entire North Western Province of Zambia.

Baker Chakwana (31) was ordained as the new Apostle and George Fwalo (45) was ordained as the new Bishop.

Some 1.2 million believers profess the New Apostolic faith in Zambia.

15 July 2006