Reconstruction of church complex in Colombo

Dortmund. The terrible tsunami of December 2004 devastated entire landscapes in South East Asia. New Apostolic Christians from around the world donated some 3 million Euro in response to the disaster. Now the church complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka is being rebuilt.

The District Church of Canada, which is responsible for the Church’s work in Sri Lanka, submitted an application to “NAK-karitativ” for support with the reconstruction of their church complex in Colombo. In addition to the church building, the complex includes an administrative and seminar building, a preschool and a leisure park for children and youth. The partially new construction and the renovation of existing buildings became necessary because the entire grounds were completely flooded by the tsunami’s waves.

After the catastrophe, the New Apostolic Church Canada used its own resources to support the reconstruction of homes for the local population. Now the Church will commence with the restoration of its own property. "NAK-karitativ" will transfer US $50,000 to the District Church of Canada.

Orphanage in the Andaman Islands (India) will be expanded

The orphanage of Garacharma in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands is to be expanded. The orphanage, which was opened after the seaquake of 26 December 2004, is to take on another six children whose parents and families could not be found despite lengthy research efforts by the authorities. Plans are currently underway to take in even more children on a full-care or day-care basis. Donations in support of these activities can be made to the general donations account of "NAK-karitativ."

"NAK-karitativ" is the humanitarian organisation of the German District Churches of the New Apostolic Church. It has been awarded the seal of the Deutschen Zentralinstitutes für soziale Fragen (German Central Institute for social affairs).


15 April 2006