Disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina: NAK-karitativ donates 50,000 Euro for immediate aid

Dortmund. The relief agency of the New Apostolic District Churches of Germany, "NAK-karitativ", is sending 50,000 Euro of immediate aid to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in the USA. The funds will be transferred to the World Relief Fund of the New Apostolic Church USA. Further relief campaigns will follow.

Hurricane Katrina has caused terrible devastation—the most severe in the history of the USA. Most heavily affected are large areas of the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In the meantime, the metropolis of New Orleans remains completely flooded, and people are being evacuated from the city—sometimes by way of daring efforts.

The hurricane has also impacted a local New Apostolic congregation. District Apostle Richard Freund has reported that the church building in Slidell, Louisiana has been affected. It lies on the northeast coast of Lake Ponchartrain, where the devastation caused by Katrina is particularly dramatic. Some of the 45 members of the congregation have lost practically everything, and their homes are currently under water. At present they are not able to return to their houses, and like most other people from the area, they are staying in hotels. The entire area has been declared off limits to the public, making it difficult to acquire further information.

As an immediate measure, the New Apostolic Church USA has made a donation to the American Red Cross from its World Relief Fund. "NAK-karitativ" has also decided on a donation for immediate aid: 50,000 Euro will be transferred to the disaster relief account of the World Relief Fund.

Further donations to "NAK-karitativ" are also possible. In a letter to the district apostles of Germany, "NAK-karitativ" secretary Bernd Klippert has announced that New Apostolic brothers and sisters can make donations to the well-known account of the Dresdner Bank. Anyone wishing to make a contribution is asked to label the donation as "Disaster relief," because these donations will also be employed to help victims of recent flooding in Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


The bank information is as follows:

Dresdner Bank AG Dortmund
BLZ 440 800 50, Account number 104 014 500
Keyword: "Disaster relief"

Further details about the relief campaign will be announced here. The websites of "NAK-karitativ" and the New Apostolic Church USA will also provide information : www.nak.de/karitativ und www.nac-usa.org.

2 September 2005