The first 200,000 Euro of emergency aid delivered

Dortmund. NAK-karitativ is forwarding 100,000 Euro each to the aid organisations "terre des homes" and "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe" (German Agro Action). This aid will go to support families in the regions of Southern Asia hardest hit by the seaquake.

To date, approximately one million Euro have been collected by NAK-karitativ in donations. These funds will be used both for immediate relief measures as well as for longer-term reconstruction efforts. "Terre des homes" and "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe" (German Agro Action) are valuable on-site partners in these endeavours. Each of these partner organisations will immediately receive 100,000 Euro to help them acquire utensils, building materials, and medical supplies essential for life:

  • On the north and northeast coasts of Sri Lanka, some 8,273 families will be provided with food supplies, drinking water, as well as household and cooking utensils. Each family will receive an equal supply in the initial phase.
  • In the southwest of India, the districts of Kerala, Quillon, Allepey, and Ernakulam have been the most heavily devastated. Some 5,000 families in this area will be supplied with food supplies, emergency shelters, materials for making temporary house repairs, cooking utensils, medical supplies, and chemicals for producing clean drinking water.
  • In Thailand, concrete emergency aid is being distributed across the southern provinces of Phangnga and Ranong. One thousand families there are being provided with gas ovens, wood for fishing boats, boat motors, fishing nets, and cooking utensils.
  • In Indonesia, food supplies, water, and medical supplies are especially needed in Banda Aceh. A large aid effort has been planned to reach some 10,000 people over the next few days. Over the period of two months, they will be supplied with foodstuffs and water.

In consultation with these partner organisations, concrete cooperative projects are presently being developed for reconstruction efforts. Approximately one million Euro will be made available for this purpose.

NAK-karitativ has worked closely with "terre des homes" and "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe" (German Agro Action) before, for example with the earthquake in Gujarat (India). According to the board of NAK-karitativ, the coordinators of these aid organisations approached NAK-karitativ with a request for support.

Donations for the tsunami victims of Southern Asia can be made through NAK-karitativ ( and other aid foundations of the New Apostolic Church. For detailed information on the establishment of special aid funds in the USA and Canada, please visit:

Further details will follow.


13 January 2005