The church in Northern India organises relief effort: Hundreds of thousands of people flee their homes

Zurich. Torrential monsoons with powerful masses of water are still driving hundreds of thousands of people from their villages in the border region between India and Bangladesh. A tidal wave has already been covering the area for more than a month. The continuing heavy rainfall is making the situation worse day by day. And monsoon season is not even over yet: new rainfall continues to threaten again and again. The international church administration of the New Apostolic Church has agreed to dip into emergency reserves from its catastrophe relief fund to help.

Providing the victims of this flooding disaster with drinking water and food supplies is the highest priority. In order to alleviate the misery of the victims, Apostle Dewan Chowdhury and lay helpers from the church are organising an emergency relief effort with funds from the "NAK-karitativ" association to provide drinking water and food supplies in the regions of Assam and Tripura.

Supplies are at critical levels for the affected population in the flooded border region between India and Bangladesh. Food supplies and drinking water are getting low and can only be brought to the various settlements and locations through messengers. The danger of a cholera epidemic and other infectious diseases is growing constantly. Providing medical care for people locked in by the water is extremely difficult.

You can find further information about these and other charity activities on the web site of "NAK-karitativ":


3 September 2004