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Zurich. More choice: that is what, the social network of the New Apostolic Church, is offering as of today—and in a double sense to boot. After all, it isn’t just more reading material, but also greater freedom of individual selection.

With around twenty-four million page views per year, nacworld is one of the most frequently visited sites associated with the New Apostolic Church. More than 40,000 New Apostolic Christians are registered in the network—and thus represent the largest online community on the internet with a focus on the New Apostolic Church.

Since 2008, Church members, along with Christians from other denominations, have been exchanging thoughts on their faith and daily lives. Since 2015, has been making its content directly available in

News from two dozen sources

As of this Monday, nacworld is flipping two new switches: on the one hand, users now have greater choice over what they want to read. On the other hand, they also have a much greater choice of reading material.

The news stories to which nacworld members can subscribe as of right now come from nearly two dozen sources. The articles provide information about District Churches all around the globe, from Germany to Japan, as well as the homepage of the New Apostolic Church International and the International Youth Convention 2019, for example.

Above all, this is of benefit to English-speaking networkers, but also to anyone who speaks French, Spanish, or Italian, because these groups in particular are now able to find significantly more news content than ever before.

Freedom of choice instead of required reading

In addition to these news groups with their focus on reading, there are also discussion groups, as before, where the focus is on the user’s own writing. The decisive change here is that users now have greater freedom to compile their own reading material.

The same applies to the discussion groups as to the news groups: everything can be read, but there is nothing that must be read. From now on, no more required reading will be displayed automatically to all networkers. This only occurs in individual situations like when the nacworld team wants to address the entire community for organisational purposes.

Users can now read contributions from three different areas on their page: news from sources to which they have subscribed, posts from groups they have joined, or comments from other users with whom they are friends.

These changes have been made to keep up to date: after all, freedom of choice and access to news is simply part and parcel of a twenty-first-century online community!

11 September 2018