Bischof Samuel Tansahtikno (Foto: NACSEAsia)

New Apostle announced

Bischof Samuel Tansahtikno (Foto: NACSEAsia)

Zurich/Manila. Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno, an Indonesian Citizen, just was granted residency in the Philippines. He will be the new Apostle for Luzon. This is what the District Apostle Urs Hebeisen announced in yesterday's Divine Service at the Makati Church which was on live stream connecting all congregations in NACSEAsia.

With this ordination, the new apostle will at the same time also become the successor of today's National District Rector, district apostle Urs Hebeisen. He will be ordained into the Apostolate on 18th November 2018 in a divine service the Chief Apostle will conduct in Manila. 

Unfortunately many technical glitches did not permit all congregations to enjoy the service. "But this is why we do it, to test our capability and make corrections, to be ready for the big day" the DA commented. 

All Apostles gathered on Saturday for a meeting on various subjects concerning the future of the NAC in this part of the world. Strategies are needed, yet "Man proposes and God disposes" the District Apostle mentioned. 

The divine service was based on Hebrews 10:35. It is worthwhile to trust in God. The reward is however not better life or solutions for the many questions concerning the world's situation and man's circumstances. The reward of faithfulness is to have Jesus Christ as our saviour and to become His bride on His imminent return.

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27 August 2018