Chief Apostle announces motto for International Youth Convention

Zurich. It had been expected with great anticipation—and has now been announced: “Here I am” is the motto for the New Apostolic Church’s International Youth Convention 2019. Over 30,000 New Apostolic Christians are expected on the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany for this event.

“I am happy to take this opportunity to make you all aware of the International Youth Convention 2019. At present, many Apostles and members are diligently working to prepare for the weekend extending from 30 May to 2 June 2019.” It was with these words that the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, took to the microphone following the conclusion of the Pentecost service. He wanted to announce the motto that will caption the big youth event first-hand: “Already today I would like to announce the motto for the International Youth Convention. It will state: “Here I am”. This statement is to express our resolve to continue ordering our future with God: God is there for us—and we put ourselves into His service.”

Precise, clear, and many-faceted

District Apostle Rainer Storck had already presented the new motto to his fellow Church leaders in the International District Apostle Meeting preceding the Pentecost divine service. “Here I am” is both concise and precise—and it can be easily translated into other languages. It can express many messages at the same time, said the District Apostle responsible for the IYC 2019. He also made it clear that various perspectives become clear in this statement: on the one hand, it is God who speaks to us human beings with these words, and on the other hand, we human beings likewise call out to God with the words “Here I am”. Not least of all, it is the young people in their local congregations who are to thus bring to expression that they want to help along.

Two hands, one message

Basic design features have also already been established: two hands that stretch out toward one another plus the “Here I am”—which results in a many-faceted message that is easy to understand.

Chief Apostle Schneider is aware of the fact that not all young people in the world will be able to travel to Germany in 2019. However, he stressed that organisers are currently looking into the possibility of having the youth service on the Sunday transmitted by internet. “I look forward to 2019 and the many encounters that will occur at the International Youth Convention, and I wish much joy and God’s blessing in all preparations for this event.”

Düsseldorf fairgrounds

Various event halls with a combined surface area of some 126,000 square metres are available for events on the fairgrounds. Additional spaces for workshops and smaller events of between 20 and 150 people are also open for use. Beyond that, there are mess halls as well as nine dormitories with a combined area of 123,000 square metres, which can accommodate up to 24,000 people. The outside area between the halls can be used as an open-air stage. Thus the fairgrounds in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital are ideally suited to effortlessly accommodate a big event of this kind.

The website for the International Youth Convention 2019 has also gone live in the meantime: A corresponding app is also available for download.

5 June 2017