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IYC 2019: We need to know your interests!

Foto: NAK

Zurich/Düsseldorf. What expectations do young New Apostolic Christians have for the International Youth Convention 2019 in Düsseldorf? Already some two years before the big event is scheduled to take place, potential participants are being given the opportunity to influence the programme of events and share their interests with the planning committee.

At the request of the planning committee for the International Youth Convention 2019, the “Communications” subcommittee has developed a questionnaire over the last few weeks. Target groups include all potential participants in the big event, which also includes youth leaders, district leaders, and rectors. The online questionnaire, which can be found at will be available until the end of May 2017.

The survey is particularly directed at young New Apostolic Christians who plan on being part of the events in Düsseldorf in 2019. Today some of these individuals are between the ages of eleven and thirteen. All young believers aged 14 to 35 are invited, along with the confirmands of the year 2020.

It only takes a few minutes to complete

The questionnaire is anonymous and concise. It only takes a few short minutes to complete. It begins by capturing biographical information, and then goes on to deal with several other subject areas. Here the participants can assess their interest in individual elements of programming content on a scale of one to four. Beyond that, they can make suggestions for other programming elements in which they may be interested.

The first question applies to general interest in potential programming offers of the International Youth Convention. It then goes on to inquire about specific topics such as preferred musical styles. It concludes by asking participants on which media they prefer to receive updates and information concerning the International Youth Convention.

Questionnaire will provide direction to the planning committee

“We are interested in your personal opinion and assessment,” it says in the introduction to the survey. The questionnaire will serve to provide direction to the planning committee, which means there are no right or wrong answers.

“Naturally we cannot promise that the content offered at the International Youth Convention will correspond to the responses and expectations of every individual survey respondent,” says Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten, Project Director for the big event. But he does promise, “We will try!” After all, he points out, this is a youth convention that is to be planned and executed to a large degree by young people themselves. This survey will give everyone the opportunity to help craft the programming of the International Youth Convention starting today.

Results to be published in July

The results of this survey are scheduled to be released in the summer of this year. Parallel to that—once the motto and graphic design are published on Pentecost—another content survey will begin. Here youth groups and individual young people will be able to inform the organisers of specific musical or other content they would like to contribute, or simply pass along ideas.

The questionnaire in English and German can be accessed at Interested parties will have until the end of May 2017 to complete it.

10 April 2017