photo: NASA

Please pray for the people in Fiji

photo: NASA

Winston was the worst hurricane ever that raced over the Fiji Islands. Many people are affected, communications have come to a still stand. District Apostle Andrew Andersen from Australia is very concerned.

As of today the Brothers have not been able to visit some of the outlying congregations due to roads being impassable and in some cases bridges have been washed away. These places have also lost communication facilities. However, our Brothers have been able to determine that all members are accounted for despite the large amount of damage that has occurred. Many homes and schools have been destroyed but so far we have not had damage reported to our churches which we are using to assist the communities where possible.  We ask that our Brothers and Sisters in the Fiji Islands are remembered in prayer as they rebuild their communities.

The worst hurricane ever

Last Saturday, 02/20/2016, the most powerful cyclone ever to be recorded in the Pacific region hit the country of Fiji. Category 5. 42 people lost their lives so far, thousands of people are without homes.

27 February 2016