(all photos: NAKI)

Media offer 2015: nacnews is the news app

(all photos: NAKI)

With a single click, users can receive news from around the NAC world on their smart phones or tablets. As of 17 August 2015, the app will be upgraded with an optimized viewer, push functionality, and a Spanish-language option.

For a number of years now, the New Apostolic Church International has provided an application for viewing news from around the NAC world. The application, more colloquially termed an “app”, has been in use by many thousands of Church members for daily information since 2010. The software can be installed very quickly on mobile devices. Once installed, the app features an overview of constantly updated news from participating websites all around the world, without the need for further registration or log-in.

At the turn of the year, the NAC News app will be renamed “nacnews”. The app will have a new logo and will thus be clearly identifiable as one of several Church-owned media offers. The app will support devices running iOS and Android.  

Optimized view for more information

The new version has adapted the viewer to accommodate increasingly popular large displays. Tablet users will see their own, multicolumn presentation of the news. The new app makes optimal use of the space on larger displays.

Push functionality for immediate notification

Starting in August users can subscribe to individual feeds in the app. With these subscriptions, news items from selected websites can be shown right in the display via push notification as soon as they are published. Important information will thus appear even more quickly.

Spanish-language option added for international information

At this time the app will also feature a Spanish-language channel to supplement its selection of news, also known as “feeds”. Users will be able to choose to see their news in English, French, German, and/or Spanish. The individual app settings can also be adjusted to accommodate any of these four languages.

New functions in version 3.0.0

Many details of the nacnews app have been optimized in version 3 or completely redeveloped, such as

  • a faster update of the start page by gesture control: pull to refreshno limits on previews: overviews can be scrolled dynamically
  • a uniform, five-line preview of all messages; irrespective of language selection and display sizea comfortable slideshow: simply scroll through image galleries with swipe gestures
  • significantly reduced memory consumption
  • an additional menu language: Spanish
  • a push function for the direct reception of new messages; news sources can be individually selected in the menu “Sources”
  • an integrated browser for a quick view of the original news source/website
  • a clear three-column layout on the iPad

Registration for District Churches and Church districts

Editors from any District Church or Church district can have news from their own websites directly integrated into the nacnews app at any time. By way of an interface, the app will automatically collect news articles and display them for all interested readers to view.

Contact information for editors and webmasters for integration into the nacnews app: info@nac.today

Links to iTunes (http://bit.ly/1CBLvC1) und Google Play (http://bit.ly/1OihIqG)

15 August 2015