Media offer 2015:, THE social networking site (Part 4 of 7)

Zurich. There is something to look forward to for the members of nacworld: a new source of information. Starting at the beginning of 2015, the New Apostolic network will have a direct link to, the new news magazine.

With more than 25 million page views per year, nacworld is one of the most frequented websites in matters pertaining to the New Apostolic Church. Nearly 40,000 New Apostolic Christians are registered and therefore represent the largest online-community with a focus on the New Apostolic Church.

Since 2008, New Apostolic Christians have been interacting on the Church-run social networking service nacworld and discussing their faith and their everyday lives. Editorial reports such as interviews, background reports, and extracts from Church publications broaden the network content. Starting in 2015, nacworld will adopt this content from

Multilingual, free, and secure

nacworld is a multilingual project and is available in the English, German, French, and Spanish languages. Further languages are available via automatic translation. Registration is free. Members of nacworld receive their own profile page, can socialize with friends, and can exchange information in posts, comments, chats, and private messages. The data exchange is carried out in the network via SSL. nacworld is not indexed, meaning that search engines can neither access its content nor the profiles of its members.

Link directory and marketplace

One component of nacworld is a worldwide link directory that is maintained by all of its members. More than 3,500 links to websites that relate to the New Apostolic Church have been categorized and recorded.

A marketplace is a space for personal and project-connected advertisements; a partner, job, and accommodation platform offers new contacts. Items can be given away, traded, or sold, and a corporate- and project-directory provide information well beyond national borders.

Talking, listening, sharing

nacworld is ideal as a social networking site to bring people together and to foster communication. With its particular focus on personal faith and the teaching of the New Apostolic Church, nacworld does not make other networks superfluous but sets its very own focus. “And that in connection with a non-commercial basis and a high security standard for data exchange,” Oliver Rütten says, who as project manager of nacworld is assisted by nearly 30 other Church members.



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21 December 2014