Teilnehmer der KG-Sitzung vom 02/03.12.2014

New members in the Coordination Group

Teilnehmer der KG-Sitzung vom 02/03.12.2014

Zurich. The composition of the Coordination Group (CG) of the New Apostolic Church has changed. District Apostle Rüdiger Krause (NA Northern Germany) and District Apostle Rainer Storck (NAC North Rhine-Westphalia) are the newest members in this important body. In turn, retired District Apostle Armin Brinkmann (North Rhine-Westphalia) and District Apostle Michael Ehrich (NAC Southern Germany) are leaving the group.

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider began the group’s session on 2 December 2014, by officially discharging two of its long-serving members from their duties. District Apostle Ehrich will transfer over to the newly established Finance Committee (we reported), while District Apostle Brinkmann will leave the group as a result of having reached the age limit. Within the CG he served as consultant for the Project and Work Groups in the “Congregational Management” division.

New members

As of right now, the new members of the Coordination Group are District Apostles Rüdiger Krause and Rainer Storck. Chief Apostle Schneider has appointed them to serve in this important group. District Apostle Krause will be responsible for the “Congregational Life” division, while District Apostle Storck will serve as consultant for the “Congregational Management” division.

The CG—an advisory body

The international Church leadership has appointed numerous Work Groups and Project Groups. The Coordination Group, which is led by the Chief Apostle himself, was instituted in order to ensure that these groups work efficiently and in accordance with their objectives. Within the group, various District Apostles serve as consultants for different divisions of activity in the Church’s work. These divisions are: “Doctrine”, “Congregational Management”, “Congregational Life”, and “Church Strategy”. In addition to the Chief Apostle, the current members of the CG are District Apostles Bernd Koberstein, Leonard Kolb, Rüdiger Krause, and Rainer Storck, as well as District Evangelist Daniel Brenner, who serves as a consultant to this body as NACI Project Manager.

The new Finance Committee

Already in April of this year, Chief Apostle Schneider announced that a second advisory board would be appointed to assist the Chief Apostle. This body is to supplement the CG as concerns the financial matters of the Church. The Finance Committee is comprised of District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Germany), Markus Fehlbaum (Switzerland), Charles Ndandula (Zambia), and Mark Woll (Canada). The Finance Committee will advise the Chief Apostle and the District Apostle Meeting in selected financial matters.

3 December 2014