Feier des Bildungsministeriums

NACSEA Relief as a partner agency in advocating education

Feier des Bildungsministeriums

Manila/Zurich. The Philippine government has honoured the relief organization of the New Apostolic Church South-East Asia. NACSEA Relief, together with 130 partner organizations, helped in advocating basic education for more than 21 million Filipino students. On 14 October 2014, a ceremony was hosted by the Department of Education to thank its partners: non-government organizations and private companies who helped and supported the Adopt-a-School Programme.

Rebuilding schools is part of the NACSEA Relief action plan in disaster-stricken areas. To have a concrete and long-term effect, schools are rebuilt and repaired not only for the present students but for the generations to come. During the ceremony, Secretary Armin Luistro asked the audience to rise to yet another challenge. The aim is to reach all children and give them a proper and quality education. He asked everyone to look out for children not going to school and to report the child’s name and location.

The programme Abot Alam is intended for all out-of-school youths: children with disabilities, street children, children who live in the mountains where they are not able to go to school, and children in other situations that do not facilitate their being able to learn. The programme also reaches out to all Indigenous Peoples and adults who want to learn such basic skills as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

» Press release from Department of Education: http://www.deped.gov.ph/press-releases/deped-thanks-educ-partners-strengthens-gov%E2%80%99t-private-sector-relations

» Program Abot Alam: http://abotalam.com.ph/

» NAC SEA Relief : https://nac-philippines.org/nacsea-relief-fund/

17 October 2014