Monthly water supply

Sri Lanka Drought – drinking water relief

Monthly water supply

Waterloo. Northern Sri Lanka has been hit with a severe drought this year.  Normally, Northern Sri Lankans  have adequate water for living and farming irrigation, but the last few years have not seen normal rains.  Lives were already shattered here in this region due to heavy losses during the civil war.  Now as they try to regain normalcy in day to day life, the shortage of water presents an enormous setback.  

Crops are failing and food supply is also short. The hope is that the next monsoon season will bring rains again to this region.  Continuous rains would fill the wells with water and allow for irrigation for crops along with the required day to day supply of clean drinking water. 

Monthly water

The New Apostolic Church Canada funded a delivery of clean drinking water as humanitarian assistance.  The Church provided a month’s supply of water for each member family in the affected regions.  Heeding the message for 2014 “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” the distribution was expanded.   We doubled the supply of drinking water, and each family brought along a neighbor who was also given a supply of drinking water.  The 2,500 litres of bottled water distributed will help these 60 families.

As a worldwide community of believers, we can pray for Sri Lanka.   Our brothers and sisters and their neighbors extend their special thanks for the help they have received. 

22 August 2014