Der IKT-Guide ist ab sofort...

ICC Guide available for download: more than 250 events in three days

Der IKT-Guide ist ab sofort...

Munich. The programme for the International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church, which will run from 6-8 June 2014 in Munich’s Olympiapark, has now been finalised and can be downloaded online as of right now. A total of 250 individual events have been planned. The printed programme guide will be delivered to all participants with a little welcome package by the start of May.

Over the past months, different programme elements have been compiled, assessed, and distributed over an array of halls, tents, stages, and other spaces. At the same time, event times were decided, presenters consulted, and programme plans set. A total of 250 individual events, some of which will be repeated, had to be distributed among the different spaces and times. The programme includes lectures, workshops, panel discussions, musical activities, and many more elements from subject areas such as reflection and calm, current issues, congregational life, history, society/the environment, faith, information, missionary work, participating/creating, music/entertainment, ecumenism/religion, pastoral care, social issues, and living with handicaps. 

Programme booklet in three languages

The 304-page programme booklet provides an overview of the entire convention. This ICC Guide offers several options for looking things up: it can be sorted by time or event location and topic. It will appear in print version by the start of May in English, French, and German. It is already available electronically now on the ICC website.

ICC App to come

“A lot of detailed work and concentration was needed before the Guide could be complete,” says Helmut Polzin, a member of the ICC planning team and leader of the “ICC Guide” Project. “However, we had a committed team who really gave it all they had. I am happy that the guide will soon be available for distribution to the participants.” The ICC team is certain that intensive study of the programme will pay off. “With all the available programme elements, you will need some time to read through everything and think about which events you want to visit,” says the press release.

The contents of the ICC Guide are also to be put together in the form of an ICC App, which is still to be available for download in April.

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3 April 2014