Einladung zur panamerikanischen Apostelversammlung

Pan-American Apostle Conference in Miami

Einladung zur panamerikanischen Apostelversammlung

Miami/Zurich. All Apostles from America assembled in Miami, USA on Saturday, 8 February. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider had invited them to a Pan-American Apostle Conference, and the participants met up approximately in the middle of their shared continents. “I really enjoyed this gathering, as it gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences and strengthen our brotherly love,” said the Church leader as he described his impressions.

There was no shortage of things to talk about. The national Church leaders had the opportunity to look beyond their own horizons and into neighbouring districts, and thus discuss commonalities and differences with one another.

Festive divine service for the congregations in Florida

On Sunday, 9 February, all members from Florida were invited to a Sunday divine service. Approximately 1,200 participants came together for the occasion, and some of them had had to drive over five hours to get there. Apostle Julio Felix Romani Santillana—who was born in Peru and raised in a strictly Christian environment, and who had joined the New Apostolic Church in the year 1976—was retired in this service. Over his 38 years of ministerial activity, he served as a Bishop for ten years and as an Apostle for Colombia for nine years. The Chief Apostle expressed heartfelt gratitude for his blessed work, his willingness to sacrifice, and his service in the cause of the Lord.

Eduardo Rodriguez Suarez (58) was ordained to the Bishop ministry. He is an industrial merchant by trade and lives in Bogotá, Colombia.

In the divine service, the international Church leader referred to a passage from 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17, which has to do with the rapture. The Church leader summarised his interpretation of these words as follows: “In order to be caught up to the Lord at His return, we must remain firm in faith and in love, we must implore the Lord for grace, and we must have the genuine desire to be like Him.”  

Funeral service in Alexandria

Chief Apostle Schneider travelled to the USA on Thursday, 6 February. Once there he conducted a funeral service for Sister Dorothea Freund, the wife of retired District Apostle Freund, in Alexandria, Virginia.

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17 February 2014