No summer lull at nacworld: new functions, increased convenience, and exciting doctrinal topics


The nacworld team has taken advantage of the hot summer days to make the network of the New Apostolic Church more convenient, more innovative, and easier to use.

Nacworld news: international and informative

The new public home page offers news and topics from the world of the New Apostolic Church. Anyone can read these public announcements at Personal comments, survey results, and conversations can only be viewed after logging in. Nacworld news is structured into five different areas:

  • International news
  • Regional news
  • News related to charity
  • News concerning faith and doctrine
  • News about miscellaneous topics     

Five days after the first news reports were published there were already 800 comments.

The new menu: shorter and more concise

The new menu has been optically enhanced, and now offers more easily recognisable structures. Beyond that, the menu has been reduced from nine to six options. This allows users to access important functions more quickly. With a single click, nacworld members can access the homepage or navigate quickly to the member page, group page, articles section, chat room, or news page.

Login/Registration in nacworld via Facebook account: quick and convenient

Normal login and registration in nacworld involves entering your first and last name, e-mail address, and password. As of right now, non-nacworld members can also register in nacworld with a single click from a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. The onerous effort of entering personal information is no longer necessary. Subsequent and repeated logins are also possible using this method.

The Catechism in nacworld: worth reading and linked everywhere

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church has also been incorporated into nacworld. Anyone can now access the Catechism at, read its contents, and even use the contents in nacworld articles. The Catechism is available in the English, French, German, and Spanish languages. Technical terms from the Catechism are automatically linked with the Catechism in articles and commentaries. Beyond that, all the contents of the Catechism can be accessed via a central search function.


Nacworld is the social network of the New Apostolic Church and, with 35,000 members, constitutes the largest online community of New Apostolic Christians. The nacworld menu is available in seven languages. The contents of the nacworld site can be translated into any language using the automatic translating function. The nacworld network is free to use and free of advertising. Nacworld—one faith, one future.

6 August 2013