Global congregation search is online

Zurich. All the congregations around the whole world at a click – at least as far as their addresses go. This service is available starting today: the global congregational search is now online at

From South Africa to Nordkap (Norway), from France to New Zealand, you can now find the addresses of all New Apostolic congregations around the world. At present, the congregation search is available in several languages, namely Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish.

Information on the congregation - for example, ways to get there, contact persons, and divine service times - can be accessed from the internet sites of the respective districts and congregations. You can find all of this information with a click on the congregation you are looking for.

NAC Address book for worldwide congregation search:

For the best possible results, we recommend entering the complete address, not just place names or postal codes. In most cases, however, the place name will suffice. If there is no information on the desired address in the database of the congregation search, the nearest alternative congregation will be displayed. Note: the databases in some countries are not yet complete, but they will be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. We will be happy to note your comments and corrections through the “Report correction” function of the respective congregational detail page.

26 July 2013