Stammapostel Wilhelm Leber...

A 90-minute interview with the Chief Apostle recorded on nacworld

Stammapostel Wilhelm Leber...

Zurich/Hamburg. After a 90-minute interview in front of a running camera, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber comes to the following positive conclusion: “I found the questions very interesting. They reflect current issues and address what people are generally thinking and feeling.” Prior to the interview, nacworld members had submitted nearly 200 questions to the leader of the New Apostolic Church. Last Thursday afternoon the international Church leader answered 50 of these. He indicated that a second such interview is planned for January 2013.

The question-and-answer session took place in the Hamburg church office and was streamed as a live podcast to nacworld. A recording of the interview can now be viewed on nacworld, which means that nacworld members can watch the interview again any time they wish.

Interview is also to appear in written format

Over the coming days, the interview will also appear in written format on nacworld. This will allow people who are hard of hearing, in particular, to read the interview. Beyond that, the written version of the interview can be translated using automated translation programs. This means that it will be possible to read the questions and answers of the interview in all languages.

Six video clips totalling 90 minutes

The recording of the interview is divided into six video clips. Each of them summarises the questions and answers into a particular subject area. These are as follows: “Theological questions concerning the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church”,  “Ecumenism”, “Church Day 2014”, “A look back at Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber’s time of office to date”, “About the person of Wilhelm Leber”, and “Other”.

More than 30,000 members

The use of the New Apostolic Church’s social network is free of charge. Interested parties can register in a minute simply by submitting their name, date of birth, e-mail address, and a password request. Over 30,000 members from 150 countries are registered to nacworld. The network features thousands of posts with exchanges about faith and daily life, as well as the largest website directory with reference to the New Apostolic Church. In the event of any questions or technical problems, the personal support team can be accessed by e-mail or chat.

Link to nacworld: “Chief Apostle Leber answers questions from members of nacworld”:

3 December 2012