Morris Ukuni heißt der neue Apostel

Sudan has an Apostle once again

Morris Ukuni heißt der neue Apostel

Juba/Zurich. The New Apostolic Church in Sudan once again has an Apostle: the hitherto Bishop Morris Ukuni (46) received his new ministry last Sunday. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber had travelled to Juba especially for this purpose. In the central church in Munuki, Juba he conducted a festive divine service for more than 1,800 assembled members and guests.

There has not been an Apostle in the District Church of Sudan since 2007. The work of the new Apostle Ukuni will include travelling through the vast expanses of both Sudan and South Sudan. In addition to his mother tongue of Madi, he also speaks Arabic, English, and German. Those who attended the divine service welcomed the ordination of their new Apostle with great enthusiasm and loud applause.

This was the second time a Chief Apostle has ever visited the New Apostolic congregations in Sudan. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr was the last to do so in November 2001. Eleven years later, at the end of November 2012, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber visited South Sudan. Accompanying him on this trip were District Apostles Shadreck Lubasi (Kenya), Charles Ndandula (Zambia), and Wilfred Klingler (Germany), as well as District Apostle Helper Frank Dzur (Canada).

Divine service and programme

The divine service in Juba was based on an excerpt of a Bible text taken from 2 Samuel 3: 1: “But David grew stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.” On Sunday afternoon the agenda included a special programme put on by children and young people who performed traditional African folksongs. Even the mothers were involved in one of the performances, which touched everyone deeply.

The work of the New Apostolic Church in Sudan and South Sudan is coordinated by the District Church of Central Germany.

28 November 2012