Gottesdienst mit dem Stammapostel in Yangon/Myanmar...

Chief Apostle in Myanmar: “Never give up!”

Gottesdienst mit dem Stammapostel in Yangon/Myanmar...

Yangon/Myanmar. With a divine service at the Myanmar Convention in Yangon hall Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber concluded his visit to the Far East. Heavy rains prevented some to come. Most of the members are from Shin State far up North. Yet 172 were gathered in the divine service.

The Chief Apostle started the service with the words: “It was difficult to come here, but you have not given up and shall now be blessed.” NEVER GIVE UP – the sermon was based on Psalm 107:20 “he sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”. The Chief Apostle emphasized on spiritual health which is sustained or in case of spiritual sicknesses which are healed by God’s word. Also in Yangon he admonished all, never to lose the joy in the Lord. Without joy, nothing can be accomplished in God’s house.

Retirement of Apostle David Thang

The world’s longest serving Apostle, 67 years old David Thang was placed into retirement with the words: “you have come from the congregation, now I give you back to the congregation” Apostle David Thang served 32 years in the Apostle’s ministry and was well loved in the congregations and highly respected also in Christian circles in Myanmar.

The Chief Apostle will return to Kuala Lumpur today and make his journey home to Europe.

10 July 2012