Stammapostel Leber in Kuala Lumpur

Chief Apostle in Kuala Lumpur: “Fight for it”

Stammapostel Leber in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber encouraged the Brothers in the Ministry on a meeting on Saturday 7th. With a message FIGHT FOR IT based on Philippians 1:27 the international Church leader encouraged the Apostles active in South East Asia to strive together for a worthy conduct, oneness in spirit and for the gospel.

Later in the day 134 Ministers and wives from Malaysia and Singapore gathered for a divine service at the recently dedicated new Kuala Lumpur Church. “Show your joy, live your faith and share with the last soul” – the Chief Apostle at the beginning admonished all to be a living testimony “by making your joy visible”. He referred to the various difficulties in Asia in view of a very diverse religious society but there is still a potential to find the souls who have a longing for God.

Clear instructions

He strengthened the Ministers in their task with the word from Ezekiel 44:23. God admonishes here the Priests to teach His people and gave them clear instructions. The mystery of blessing is in the distinction and making the difference, to see what is holy, the word of God and the difference between the man and the ministry. A clear separation between the clean and unclean. “Clean must be our faith and not mixed with all kind of diverse doctrines, even then, when maybe not everything can be understood right away. Our love, our hope shall remain clean when serving God’s children”, he addressed his fellow workers.

Divine Service on Sunday

On Sunday the Chief Apostle concluded his visit to Malaysia with a Divine Service in Kuala Lumpur. 520 attended and 130 were connected via Internet in the Makati Church, Philippines. The satellite transmission to 53 stations in Indonesia was a great success with benefiting 8870 in attendance.

The text word was from Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?” The Chief Apostle explained that God is with us when we are obedient, faithful, humble and serving Him and elaborated in further details of our relationship with the Lord.

The Bishop Albertus Widodo went into well deserved retirement and as his successor the District Elder Trius Joko Prayitno was ordained as Bishop for the whole Sumatra region in Indonesia.

Tonight the Chief Apostle will meet with our guests from China and tomorrow it will be a long day again, travelling to Yangon/Myanmar.

8 July 2012