Ankunft auf dem Flughafen von Kuala Lumpur

Chief Apostle arrived in Kuala Lumpur

Ankunft auf dem Flughafen von Kuala Lumpur

Zurich/Kuala Lumpur. The Chief Apostle has arrived in Kuala Lumpur right on schedule. Because of the many traffic jams in the city, he and his fellow brothers took the train to reach the hotel. A very intensive weekend programme is waiting for him.

On Sunday the well approved Bishop Albertus Widodo (65) will go into retirement. He was working in Sumatra, Indonesia, for a long period of time. Therefore the Sunday service will be transmitted via satellite to the New Apostolic congregations in Indonesia and per internet transmission to the church in Makati/Philippines.

Retirement in Myanmar

Apostle David Thang (67), who currently is the longest serving apostle in the New Apostolic Church, will go into retirement in the Divine Service on Monday in Yangoon/Myanmar. Chief Apostle Urwyler ordained him apostle in 1980 in Berne, Switzerland.

6 July 2012