Stammapostel Leber am Altar der Gemeinde Strand-Gustrouw

Keep what is holy, holy

Stammapostel Leber am Altar der Gemeinde Strand-Gustrouw

Strand-Gustrouw. It must have been difficult to initially comprehend the astonishing news that the Chief Apostle would be coming to their congregation. No such feeling existed on the day; it was replaced with an incredible feeling of joy likened to young children on Christmas morning.

The feeling in the Strand-Gustrouw church was shared with hundreds of congregations on the Cape district church audio visual network with the musicians, choirs and soloists preparing souls through melodies rich with assurance that blessings awaited, acknowledging the need for Christ in our lives ever stronger. Then it was time. The moment arrived for the divine service to commence.

Chief Apostle W Leber brought a message of love and blessings for the year ahead, expressing his special wish for all God’s children to make experiences of faith. He further explained that it’s the little experiences that leave lasting impressions on our lives. It was also during this sermon that the Chief Apostle etched a clear message in the hearts of the members when making reference to Jesus - Keep what is holy, holy.

District Apostle M Woll from Canada and District Apostle R Krause from Northern Germany were called to serve, as well as Apostle C van der Merwe. A deep sense of acceptance of the word brought was further felt during moving moments when the souls in the beyond were served with Holy Communion. The cello solo rendered echoed the sentiments of the moment.

Even after the divine service came to a close, these divine moments in fellowship continued with the vibrant, boisterous singing of the choir, followed by the Chief Apostle along with the District Apostles and Apostles making their way to the marquee set up in the parking area of the church, where hundreds of members who could not be accommodated inside the main hall were comfortably seated and connected. The Chief Apostle shared a special few moments and words of encouragement with those gathered here and wished everyone blessings in their lives before parting ways on what was a joyful day in Strand-Gustrouw.

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26 January 2012