Bezirksapostel JR Kitching

District Apostle Kitching set to retire at the end of January

Bezirksapostel JR Kitching

Johannesburg/Zurich. Today District Apostle Johann R. Kitching informed the members in the District Church of South East Africa about his planned retirement. In a broadcast on the Church-owned television channel known as “NAC-TV” the District Apostle stated that Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international Church leader, will conduct a festive divine service at the end  of January 2012 and transfer the task of leading the District Apostle district of South East Africa to a successor.

“I have served as your District Apostle for the past 23 years and have tried my utmost to do so in accordance with God’s will by focusing on the doctrine of Jesus Christ and following our Chief Apostle closely. I have also endeavoured to please God first and do what was right in His sight,” expressed the District Apostle. He went on to say that, over the course of this lengthy period of time, an especially intimate relationship had come into being with his brethren in faith, but that it was also clear he would not be able to exercise his ministry forever. He feels the time has now come to retire, and although he is not yet 65 years of age, this step is a necessary one. His doctor has advised him not to undertake any larger trips outside the country. This, however, is incompatible with the needs of his vast working area, which necessitates longer trips.

New District Apostle

The District Apostle went on to note that he has been discussing this matter intimately with the Chief Apostle for some time. The latter will conduct a divine service on 29 January 2012 in the Standard Bank Arena, at the end of which he will retire the District Apostle and at the same time ordain the present District Apostle Helper Patrick Mkhwanazi (49) as the region’s new District Apostle. “I know that your new District Apostle will love you, lead you, learn and grow with you. It will be a privilege for me to take up my place amongst you in the near future.”

Patrick Mkhwanazi was ordained to the Apostle ministry in May 2001. He and his wife Rebecca are the parents of six children.

The District Apostle district of South East Africa

The gigantic District Apostle district of South East Africa incorporates the countries of Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Réunion, The Seychelles, the northern part of South Africa, and Swaziland. A total of approximately 360,000 New Apostolic Christians live in this District Church.

16 October 2011