International Day of Prayer for Peace 2011: Let us strive for peace!

Zurich. September is a month of commemoration:  on 11 September, the attacks on the USA will lie ten years behind us. On 21 September is the International Day of Prayer for Peace. On this occasion, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the leader of the New Apostolic Church, is once again calling on all congregations to join in prayers for peace around the world. This year the UN-sponsored Day of Prayer for Peace is being held under the motto: “Make your voice heard!” The Chief Apostle has asked all New Apostolic congregations around the world to participate in this event.

In the “Divine Service Guide”, the message of the Church leader states: “Let us strive together for peace and let us pray for it.” The ministers of the Church will find further remarks on this event in the “Divine Service Guide”. In his thoughts on the subject, the Chief Apostle expresses, among other things: “As far as we are concerned, let us make the endeavour to live in peace with all people, regardless of their religious attitudes or social backgrounds.”

The United Nations has celebrated the Day of Peace since 1981. The resolution of the plenary session of the time states among other things that a Day of Peace should be celebrated annually. The intent is to reinforce the idea of peace both within individual countries and between nations. In 2004 the World Council of Churches (WCC) based in Geneva decided to participate in prayers for peace, and chose the 21st day of September for this purpose. The New Apostolic Church has been part of this movement since 2005, and calls upon all congregations to join in these special prayers for peace in the divine service.

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2 September 2011