Pfingstlogo Dresden 2011 (Grafik: NAK MD)

Pentecost 2011 in Dresden – A great celebration for the Church

Pfingstlogo Dresden 2011 (Grafik: NAK MD)

Zurich/Dresden. Once again the day of Pentecost promises to be a great Church celebration. This year, the Saxon capital of Dresden will host the New Apostolic feast of Pentecost. At 10:00 AM on Sunday, 12 June, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will begin the special divine service, which will be transmitted by satellite to more than 70 countries around the world. The specially designed logo for the Pentecost celebration was created by the hosting District Church of Central Germany. 

As in Pentecost services of past years, the divine service will once again be translated into many languages—this year more than 20 in total. This task will fall to the Church-owned Bischoff publishers in Frankfurt, who are already set to translate the service into the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Other translations into local languages will be time delayed.  

Satellites, fibre optics, IP-TV

From Dresden the signal will be sent to Frankfurt via the Astra satellite system. From there the signal will be transmitted to the Eutelsat network. The signal will reach Africa via the Intelsat organisation, while the North American continent will receive the signal by way of fibre optic cable, and the congregations in South East Asia will be connected via internet-TV.

“…that land is truly blessed”

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has already selected the hymns that will be sung in all congregations around the world in their respective languages. In English, the opening hymn that has been chosen is known by the title: “Where’er God’s Spirit reigneth”.

We wish all connected congregations a clear transmission!

We are happy to direct our readers to a detailed account of Pentecost and its significance. We also offer an exhaustive overview of past Pentecost celebrations and activities of the New Apostolic Church since 1988.

26 May 2011