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Das Logo von nacworld

Zurich. If you would print all nacworld screenprints of one month on paper and pile them up, you would have a pile of paper that has a height of more than 350 metres. As a comparison: the Eiffel Tower in Paris stands only 276 metres. nacworld members are as active as never before. nacworld offers more topics than other social networks: faith, religion, church, friendship and intercession, support and sympathy.

During the last 12 months, 1,204,102 private messages have been send via nacworld. Moreover, it is possible for nacworld members to communicate via the chat, either in the dialogue chat for two or in a group chat with more members talking. To do that, you only need a connection to the internet and you need to watch the time: maybe your chat partner is on another continent in a different time zone.

200,000 Comments and Answers

More than 215,000 answers and comments have been written by nacworld members over the last year. Nearly 30,000 members can talk about topics regarding their faith or everyday life in forums and blogs. Additionally, nearly 35,000 pictures and documents have been uploaded, 70,000 contacts have been made and 16,000 blog entries have been written. That means, that the percentage of active members is quite high compared to other social networks.

Comprehensive Protection of Personal Data

nacworld members have the possibility to individually adjust the settings regarding privacy and data protection on two pages. The data transmission between the individual nacworld member and the nacworld servers is SSL-encoded. This is the same security standard banks use for online banking.

Communication despite Language Diversity

Below the blog or forum entries there is an automatic translation function that makes the communication in different languages within one entry possible. One click… and the text is translated.

nacworld Team Offers Personal Support

Questions, difficulties, technical problems – the nacworld team is available around the clock for individual support.  Moreover, the online help offers immediate answers to the most common questions. This service is – as everything else for nacworld members – free of charge.

nacworld Is Developing

nacworld will be introduced as a mobile version in the near future. This means, it can be used on numerous mobile gadgets faultlessly. Additionally, a market place is planned that offers the possibility to offer and search for jobs as well as looking for a relationship. Small functions are developed continuously, meaning that the development steps are very short, while bigger areas of development are introduced quarter by quarter.

The nacworld team, consisting of 34 members, has been publishing their own blog for a couple of weeks now. Behaviour patterns, legal issues, news… communication between nacworld and its members has been intensified significantly.

By the way, it has been proven that there is no age limit: you can also be active in nacworld at the age of 91.

18 May 2011