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On the current situation in Egypt: “Please join us in praying”

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Frankfurt. District Apostle Bernd Koberstein is concerned about the situation of the New Apostolic congregations in Egypt. In a press release he mentions that the approximately 170 members of our Church—along with members of other denominations and religions—have had to suffer under what are at times chaotic circumstances. “To the degree that we were able to make contact with our members there, we have learned that the majority of them have taken shelter in their homes and are waiting for things to settle down.”

As the District Apostle responsible for the administrative work of the New Apostolic Church in Egypt and other North African countries, the Church president of the New Apostolic Church of Hesse / Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland stated that he himself is also relying on informed reporting and news commentary when it comes to assessing the present situation. “There is a great deal of confusion, and no one is able to make even a reasonably certain prediction as to how things will develop over the coming days.” He goes on to report that, even though there is a danger of a collapse in the drinking water and food supply, there is no way of assuring these basic material needs to the people, given the prevailing circumstances at present.

In his statement to an internet magazine, the last sentence the District Apostle expresses is: “Please join us in praying for the people in this situation of need.”

The New Apostolic Church in Northern Africa

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1 February 2011