Neue Amtsgaben für die Kirche in Norddeutschland, rechts Bischof Beutz, mittig Bezirksapostel Krause

Rüdiger Krause is the new District Apostle in Northern Germany

Neue Amtsgaben für die Kirche in Norddeutschland, rechts Bischof Beutz, mittig Bezirksapostel Krause

Hamburg. Last Sunday brought a change in leadership for the New Apostolic Church in Northern Germany: the name of the new District Apostle is Rüdiger Krause (49). He was ordained in a festive divine service conducted by the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. At the same time, the District Church also received a new Bishop in Thorsten Beutz from Wilhelmshaven.

The divine service took place in the Hamburg Congress Centre and was transmitted via satellite into many countries of Scandinavia, as well as to Great Britain and Ireland. District Apostle Karlheinz Schumacher, who had served as a minister for a total of 40 years and had now reached the ministerial age limit, was given a festive retirement. Chief Apostle Leber thanked him with heartfelt words for all his dedication. In reference to a Bible passage from 1 Corinthians 15: 58—“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord”—he assured the District Apostle that his labour had not been in vain either.

Congratulations and best wishes for their new assignments

The Church leader wished the new District Apostle much blessing and help from God in order to work in blessing in the region of Northern Germany. “It is now your task to lead God’s people in divine wisdom and in love for God and your neighbour,” said the Chief Apostle. The Chief Apostle then called upon the newly ordained Bishop Thorsten Beutz to work at the side of his Apostle in order to teach in godly wisdom, strengthen the ministers, bring strength and comfort to the brethren, as well as to approach problems with the necessary patience. As a Bishop, he will travel through the church districts of East Frisia (also known as Eastern Friesenland), Wilhelmshaven, and Oldenburg.

Steadfast and immovable

In reference to the Bible text, which begins with the word “therefore” and alludes to the resurrection and the future, the Chief Apostle drew attention to the main areas where it is important to remain “steadfast and immovable”, namely in belief in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and in waiting for the Lord and His return.

7 December 2010