In Sambia leben rund 1,3 Millionen neuapostolische Christen (Foto: NAC Zambia)

An impressive journey to Zambia

In Sambia leben rund 1,3 Millionen neuapostolische Christen (Foto: NAC Zambia)

Lusaka. Some 6,000 members and guests came to the Lusaka-Central church in order to enjoy the divine service with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber live, while tens of thousands more were linked to the festive service by satellite. At the end of the service, Apostle Akombaetwa Samalama was given a festive retirement, and six new Apostles and eight new Bishops were ordained for the District Churches of Zambia, South East Africa, and Cape.

“Zambia was magnificent,” reported the Chief Apostle as he reminisced about his visit. On Friday, 29 October 2010 he enjoyed a choral concert in the Zambian capital of Lusaka before going on to conduct two divine services in the country: one in Kitwe on Saturday, and another on Sunday in Lusaka. For the country of Zambia, where approximately ten percent of the population professes the New Apostolic faith, he ordained two new Apostles in Donald Kalunga Kalyangu (50) and Godwin Lubinda Nyuwa (48). Jonas Kamwengo (42), Walubita Masheke (55), and Fred Mwila (46) were also ordained to the Bishop ministry for the country of Zambia. There were also some new ministerial gifts for the work of the New Apostolic Church on the island of Madagascar: Felix Ratsimbazafy (46) was ordained an Apostle, and Jacques Andiratomposon (52), Justin Lama (58), and Alphonse Ramena (57) were ordained as Bishops. Patricio Jorge (54) was also ordained an Apostle, and will in future travel throughout Mozambique in this capacity.

Apostles and Bishops were also ordained for both District Churches in the Republic of South Africa: the District Church of South East Africa received a new Apostle in Lionel John Meyer (55), and two Bishops in Jan Enoch Mabaso (48) and Isaac Viril Naude (60). Apostle Ndodomzi Terence Nene (48) was also ordained an Apostle for the District Church of Cape.

Chief Apostle Leber chose a Bible passage from Matthew 12: 30 as the basis for Sunday’s divine service in Lusaka: “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” The Church leader went on to explain: “From this we learn that it is necessary to believe in the Lord and follow Him, that we must remain loyal to Him and not pursue our own way, and that we must commend ourselves to the Lord with our whole heart, not just superficially.” The retired District Apostle Duncan Mfune—who had led the Church in Zambia for many years—and his wife also received a blessing on their golden wedding anniversary.

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8 November 2010