Die Stammapostel Leber und Fehr im Jahr 2005 (Foto: NAKI)

Progress in recovery from a stroke

Die Stammapostel Leber und Fehr im Jahr 2005 (Foto: NAKI)

Zurich. Retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr is on the road to recovery. His therapy in a rehabilitation clinic is making good progress, and doctors are predicting that he will completely recover all his faculties. The long-serving leader of the New Apostolic Church had suffered a stroke at the start of August (we reported).

In a letter to the District Apostles all around the world, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber expresses his delight that his predecessor is doing better. At his last visit to the rehabilitation clinic, Chief Apostle Fehr handed him a personal message to be passed along to the congregations. In it he relates that, with the support of the doctors and therapists, and with God’s help, he is already showing signs of recovery. “The doctors are predicting a full recovery of all bodily functions, however they also caution that it will still take a great deal of patience and quite some time before this objective can be achieved. For this reason I remain deeply grateful for every intercession on my behalf, also in the future,” he states. Beyond that, the former Church leader expresses his thanks for the many prayers on his behalf to date: “For this I would like to thank you with all my heart.”

The retired Chief Apostle’s message will be read out in all congregations.

2 September 2010