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Extended liturgy of the New Apostolic Church still to be introduced this year

Foto: NAK-BB

Zurich. An extended liturgy will be introduced in the international New Apostolic Church with the start of the new Church year. In a letter to all the Church’s ministers the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, designated the first Sunday of Advent as the starting point of this new development. In the letter he states that it is his wish to notify the ministers of this change already at this early point in time.

“The divine service is the central event in our Church. It is far more than merely a gathering of the congregation, because it is there that God encounters us and grants us His salvation.” It is with these words that the Chief Apostle begins his notification letter to all ministers of the Church around the world. He points out that the District Apostles have, for some time, been considering how the divine service might be structured in even more solemn fashion. In autumn of last year the District Apostles finally resolved to introduce an expansion of the previous liturgy. The divine service is not limited to the proclamation of the word alone, but also consists of prayers, sacramental acts, blessings, and singing. “Above all, I would like to draw attention to Holy Communion, which is celebrated in every divine service.”

Two essential points

Chief Apostle Leber informs the ministers that there will be two significant changes to the current liturgy: Bible readings will be incorporated into the divine services on Church holidays, and the celebration of Holy Communion will receive greater emphasis as a sacramental act.

A corresponding letter from the Chief Apostle concerning these changes will be read out to all congregations around the world on coming Sunday. The ministers will be invited to attend training seminars starting in July 2010.

21 June 2010