Auf Wiedersehen (Foto: NAC Cape)

“Waving goodbye ...”

Auf Wiedersehen (Foto: NAC Cape)

Cape Town. “It is with mixed emotions that we leave your country. Joyful! Blessed! Strengthened! Yet sad to leave.” With these words Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber left Cape Town on Monday morning to travel back to Europe. For one special weekend Cape Town has been the centre of the new apostolic world.

“Good bye - God bless” - these words echoed around the airport departure terminal as Chief Apostle Leber and many of the apostles who attended the I.A.M 2010 and the blessed feast of Pentecost, departed from the Cape Town International Airport on Monday 24 May 2010. After checking in, Chief Apostle Leber took an extra few minutes to greet everyone around.

Then the moment arrived to say goodbye to the host, District Apostle Noel Barnes.  After a big hug, and a last wave to the crowd, the Chief Apostle proceeded through the boarding gates, leaving behind impressions which will last a lifetime.

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25 May 2010