Das neue nacworld (Grafik: NAKI)

The new nacworld is live

Das neue nacworld (Grafik: NAKI)

Zurich. Thousands of members all over the world and a pleased nacworld team are closely following the lauch of the new version of nacworld. At midnight, weeks of preparations will cultiminate with the introduction of new features, an improved navigation, and a simplified registration process. nacworld will extend access to all age groups, thereby enabling New Apostolic Christians worldwide to communicate more easily.

For the new version, privacy features have been overhauled. Compared to commercial competitors, nacworld is non-commercial, does not display advertising, is non-profit, and does not share user data with third parties. It remains a Christian platform, with a focus on encouraging communication and exchange among its members.

One important privacy feature is that each member can determine which personal data can be seen by other members. These preferences can be set up on one easy-to-use page, and can be modified anytime. With the removal of age restrictions, the service becomes available to children, young adults, middle-aged adults, and seniors from all over the world.

Additional Information

nacworld is the social networking website of the New Apostolic Church International, and enables Christians from all over the world to come into contact. It is geared towards members of the New Apostolic Church. Members of other churches or religious communities are also welcome to join. Membership is open to all who are interested.

nacworld is sponsored by the New Apostolic Church International. Compared to for-profit competitors, nacworld does not provide unsolicited advertising, charge membership fees, or share personal data or addresses with third parties.

» www.nacworld.net – one faith, one future.

21 May 2010