Nach dem Gottesdienst in Camberly, der die BAVE eröffnete

Concentrating on what is essential

Nach dem Gottesdienst in Camberly, der die BAVE eröffnete

Zurich/London. From Wednesday to Friday, the European District Apostles will be in London for their annual spring meeting. Their gathering began with a divine service in the congregation of Camberley, where some 120 members and guests were happy to welcome the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles into their circle. The message for the evening was: “Let us concentrate on what is essential!”

“It is no doubt a unique occurrence to have so many District Apostles gathered in the congregation of Camberley,” said Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber as he greeted the congregation. With the exception of District Apostle Theodoor de Bruijn from the Netherlands, who was unable to attend on account of illness, all European District Apostles were present. The international Church leader chose a Bible text from Luke 9: 51: “Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem.” Concerning this, the Chief Apostle said: “In this important phase of His life, the Son of God had a longing for Jerusalem. May it also be similar today in the congregations: our own ascension is also drawing nearer, so let us direct our eyes toward the heavenly Jerusalem!” To this end, the Church leader stated that it is important to concentrate on what is essential. He also answered the question of what is essential, namely a strong faith, following the Lord, and love for God.

Music and fellowship

The members of the Camberley congregation were delighted by the visit of their guests from all across Europe. The choir was impressive, and after the divine service the youth choir also gave a little “private concert” for the Chief Apostle. To close the evening there was the usual fellowship, which entailed spending some time together in joyful, friendly conversation.

Trip to Gordon Square

Directly after their arrival in the early afternoon, the District Apostles set off for a tour of the London Central church of the former Catholic Apostolic congregation on Gordon Square. Shepherd Manfred Henke, an established expert on church history, led the participants into the so-called “Lady’s Chapel”, where the lead ministers of the large central congregation used to gather some 150 years ago. In advance of this gathering, Chief Apostle Leber made a point of ensuring that the historical part of their tour be led by an expert, since the prehistory of the New Apostolic Church had transpired in England.

London Central

From Gordon Square the tour continued to London Central, the central congregation of the New Apostolic Church in the English capital. Here the Chief Apostle signed his name in the congregation’s guestbook.

This year’s spring session of the European District Apostle Meeting has been convened in London. The Church presidents will meet for two days to discuss organisational issues and matters of pastoral care.

6 May 2010