Some 10.5 million people around the world profess the New Apostolic faith (graphic: NAK)

Membership figures of the global Church as at the end of 2009

Some 10.5 million people around the world profess the New Apostolic faith (graphic: NAK)

Zurich. Some 10.5 million people around the world profess the New Apostolic faith. This is approximately 400,000 members, or 3.7 percent, less than the previous year. The reason: in some countries (predominantly in Africa) too few deaths were accounted for over the years. This was determined by means of detailed analyses based on the official death rates in the affected countries.

Many deaths were apparently not reported - particularly in the event that affected members had lost contact with their congregation. The previous statistics thus contained inaccuracies in these figures, while the growth of the Church through new memberships has been correctly captured statistically.

New statistics as of 2009

At its most recent session in March 2010, the International District Apostle Meeting decided to make corrections to the membership statistics. The table below, which reflects the current status of the Church as at the end of 2009, provides the following picture:

  • Africa: 8.2 million / 52,500 / 204,000
  • America: 366,000 / 1,800 / 9,800
  • Asia: 1.4 million / 6,200 / 10,200
  • Europe: 472,000 / 3,300 / 24,800
  • Australia and Oceania: 108,000 / 680 / 4,600

(Continent: Membership / Congregations / Ministers)

Other figures

The New Apostolic Church welcomed approximately 270,000 new members in the year 2009: 185,000 children and 85,000 adults were sealed.

Global divine service attendance stands at a rate of 30 percent. This means that more than three million New Apostolic Christians attend the divine services Sunday after Sunday. The country with the greatest density of New Apostolic members is the Democratic Republic of Congo, with over three million members in 20,000 congregations. In Zambia, there are 1.3 million New Apostolic Christians who attend services in some 7,000 congregations. Other countries with traditionally strong membership concentrations in the New Apostolic Church include Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Number of ministers

At a total of 253,000 the number of ministers around the world is gratifyingly high. In addition to Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international Church leader, there are 19 District Apostles, 11 District Apostle Helpers, and 326 Apostles. Beyond that, there are some 108,000 Priests and 112,000 Deacons active in the local congregations. Statistically, this means that one minister cares for an average of 42 Church members.

Please read our data sheet, which is current as of 1 January 2010.

3 May 2010